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"Artistic Hawaii Wedding Video"
Providing Hawaii with creative and mastership
 videos for couples & Wedding lifetime memories

Angel wedding video  will capture the color, sound and enchantment of the most magical and important day of your life. Our creative, tasteful and fresh approach will inspire long lasting memories.

We believe that a wedding video will be a treasure to last the rest of your life, quality is the focus, this is not a low budget item 




      All the video services you’re interested in can be found with Angel Weddings Video. We will provide formats in  DVD, VHS or CD. Streaming  your wedding on the internet  is also available for family and friends to watch {the unlucky ones who couldn't make the trip to Hawaii}. Have your  favorite family photos put on video with your favorite song selections . Document your entire event from the very beginning to the last dance.

A must is putting your documentation of the most important day of your life in hands that are skilled and creative on the day of your event.

You’ve planned your event for many months to be perfect in every detail. A day filled with hugs, loving glances and softly spoken ‘I do’s”...the unforgettable passion of a first dance with the person of your dreams: family and friends to cheer you on. This will be the day your memories are made of, and if you’re going to record it at all, it’s worth doing well. This is when craftsmanship and artistry really count. Whom you select becomes a critical decision. Make a decision in favor of ‘quality’ and you’ll receive the quality you deserve.


High Quality Video
We use a 3 stage digital process which reduces noise and results in cleaner picture and sound quality.

  • We film using digital video cameras
  • Author the video using digital computer systems
  • Record the video onto DVD which is also digital.

Lasts a lifetime
DVD quality will last a lifetime (and more). Unlike video cassettes, which use a magnetic tape and wear out over time, DVD's will not loose quality. Also, DVD's are not effected by magnetic fields.


Introductory scenes of Honolulu via helicopter
Title graphics name of couple, date. ect
Opening shoots of wedding location
Entire wedding ceremony
Pre wedding location footage/allowable time

Coverage 1 hour of ceremony minimal effects and editing.
Full-song edited summary.
on DVD


Introductory scenes of Honolulu
 Title graphics name of couple date act
 opening shoots of wedding location
 entire wedding ceremony
 Party and reception/allowable time

2 hours of video  movie style credits ,photos,
creative black and white scenes.
 Full-song edited summary. Video Covers.


Introductory scenes of Honolulu Full coverage, movie style credits,
childhood/honeymoon/wedding photos,
Hawaii tour
creative black and white scenes.
Full-song edited summary. Video Covers.
on DVD full service

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