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Why You Need Wedding Planners


Thought a Hawaiian Wedding Was Out of Reach? Think Again!

Wedding season is officially upon us! Unfortunately this year it's extra stressful with the dwindling economy and financial woes bringing down our confidence. In happier news, planning your dream wedding is easy, thanks to the new crop of wedding planners willing to work with your budget to make your special day the wedding you've always imagined.


Destination weddings are also increasingly popular, combining a fabulous honeymoon with a getaway for your friends and family. Though it takes some extra planning, the result is an unforgettable vacation and no traveling after the hectic wedding to your honeymoon! Places like Hawaii have an incredible selection of resorts and beaches to make your wedding a tropical paradise.


If you're planning a wedding far away from home, fear not: planners are ready to accommodate guests in four-star hotels, coordinate rides to and from the wedding ceremony, and make travel back home seamless and completely stress free. Wedding planners used to be only affordable for celebrities and millionaires, but they're becoming increasingly affordable for everyday brides. Many wedding planners also specialize in destination weddings and can help you plan a wedding far away from home.


Before finding the perfect wedding planner, first decide if a destination wedding is right for you. Are you and your partner okay with only viewing your wedding location online or in snapshots? Have you left enough time to obtain a wedding license in a different state?


Can you pare down your guest list to make your wedding more intimate and easier to plan? Do you have room in your budget to provide for your guests' hotel rooms and food? Are you aware that the travel might be strenuous on older guests and guests with children?


If you answered yes to those questions, now you can move on to starting your search for a wedding planner. An out of state wedding planner can provide the invaluable service of working as your liaison between your resort, florist and catering services. Referrals are

incredibly useful in hiring a reliable wedding coordinator, but if you have no personal connections, start by figuring out how much of your budget you can allot to your planner.  Most planners charge from 10-20% of your overall budget. Then work with your spouse to decide on a final destination for the big day.


A wedding planner is an invaluable resource in coordinating the wedding, the reception, and your honeymoon. Your wedding planner should work with you to make realistic plans within your budget. Your planner should also warn you of risks regarding a destination wedding, such as weather changes and airline delays, and provide solutions to

continue after any problems.


Hawaii's sandy beaches and exotic location make it a stand out for your dream wedding and honeymoon. The many islands of Hawaii have miles of beachfront property and many beautiful resorts to choose from for your special day.


Hawaiian weddings are beautiful any time of year and wedding planners can help you de-stress your wedding experience to make it match exactly what you envisioned. Prices are affordable with careful budgeting and planning to make your wedding an event to remember.


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