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How To Choose The Best Bridal Flowers In Hawaii


If you have decided to have your wedding in Hawaii you will be glad to know that Hawaii caters to weddings. They provide the warm weather and set the romantic feeling and you show up and get married. Every individual wedding is designed to suit the needs and preference of that particular couple. Hawaii has several different options on everything; dresses, suits, flowers, gifts, beach setting, and more. Your wedding should be the one that you have always dreamed of and that is why planning your wedding in Hawaii is an excellent idea.


With every wedding you need to purchase flowers. You will need flowers for the brides' bouquet, the grooms' boutonniere, the flower girls pedals, the bouquet for the brides' maid and bridal party, the ring carrier and more. You even need flowers for the parents of the bride and groom. You need to keep your wedding expenses on a budget even if you have no reason to budget you can still get the best deals around.


Never plan and order your flower arrangements before you purchase your dress and plan your décor. You want to match your flowers with everything else so make sure that flowers are almost last. Your location will also be a deciding factor in your wedding. If you plan to be outdoors at the beach you will want different flower arrangements then if you were inside a church or building.


Hawaii state flower is the Pus Aloalo or the hibiscus brackenridgei. Hawaiian flowers are very bright and colorful with a wonderful fragrance. The hibiscus is a flower that you may want to work into your flower arrangement. The bride's bouquet should include a bright color to coordinate with her wedding colors and a soft color to enhance the fullness of the bouquet. Together the bouquet should be attractive to the eyes and look perfect.


When you arrive you may be greeted by Hawaii residents and offered a string of flowers to wear around your neck, called Hawaiian flower lei. These flowers are called plumeria and they smell very fragrant, but not too strong.  The plumeria would be another great smelling flower to add to a wedding bouquet, or other wedding floral arrangement. There are seven different species of plumeria to choose from so you can find the right fragrance and the right color. You can find the plumeria in yellow, pink, white, red, and an array of pastel colors. You can do the entire floral wedding arrangement in an array of colors. For example, have the brides' maid bouquet made in yellow, the brides bouquet in multiple pastel colors, the boutonnieres could be done in white and the mother of the bride and groom could be made in yellow.


If you want to keep your bouquet forever you may want to invest in artificial Hawaiian flowers. The artificial flowers will be a great keepsake for your entire wedding party. You can order the flowers anytime because you won't need to worry about them wilting or breaking off.


There are several floral shops in Hawaii that can help you put together the perfect look for your wedding and help your special day look wonderful.

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