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Hand Made Wedding Favors for your Wedding in Hawaii

Weddings in Hawaii are to truly the most romantic of ceremonies where weddings are concerned. They have a certain island flair and when people are surrounded by the flowers and the music it makes them feel like they're magically whisked away for an exotic adventure. If you're having your wedding in Hawaii then you may want to consider making handmade wedding favors for your guests.

Many people do not realize that making handmade wedding favors is very simple and inexpensive. You give the wedding favors your own personal touch which makes your guests feel extra special. This is also a great way to pull together your family and friends that do not get to be in the wedding party. This allows your close family and friends to feel special and needed and they get to contribute something to your special day. You can enlist the help of children as well as aunts, uncles, friends, cousin and just about any family member or friend.

One of the fun things that you can make as wedding favors for your guests would be traditional Hawaiian Leis. Usually these are made with live flowers but there are many that are made with silk flowers. If you go with the silk arrangements, your guests will have something to take home that will last them for years to come. You can get arrangements of silk flowers as well as leaves and even shells to adorn the leis with. These can be given to the guests as they arrive at the reception making each and every one of them feel extra special.

You can make unique place card settings for each person at the reception with their name translated into their Hawaiian name. You can use a variety of things for the place card holders such as Little Hawaiian shirts with little shells and fish on the top to hold the place card. You can get plain ones from a craft store and paint them the particular colors of your wedding and your guests can use these once they get home to hold their favorite photo in. You can also go with little glass votive candleholders. You can fill them halfway with the fans and put little seashells in them with a place cardholder sticking out of them.

You can make beautiful centerpieces for your wedding that are actual favors the guests can take home. One cute way to make such favors would be to use coconut shells and make candles out of them. You can use them as a centerpiece forming a circle of them in the center of the table. Each guest at the table can take one home. They are very easy to make and all you need is coconut shells scented wax and wicks.

Making your wedding favors is a great way to get closer with your friends and family and it give you a chance to add a special touch to the favors your guests will take home. Just be creative and have fun with them.




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