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Decorations for Weddings in Hawaii

Having a wedding in Hawaii is truly a dream come true wedding. Many people dream of getting married in an island setting. If you are getting to live the dream wedding then you will want to have the right decorations to set the whole mood for everyone. Decorations for a wedding are not just limited to the ceremony and the reception. You can also use themed decorations for a bridal shower and the rehearsal dinner.

One way to make your wedding truly an authentic Hawaiian experience would be to incorporate some traditions from the Hawaiian customs. You can make your wedding both elegant and unique with a few simple decorations. When you send out your invitations, you can start the Hawaiian theme by translating your guests' names into Hawaiian names and you can use this with the cards for the place settings at the reception as well. There are many sites on the internet that will give you the translation of names so this is a simple added flare that you can give to your initiations that will not take long at all. You can also you some simple Hawaiian words and phrases to really authenticate things.

You can provide Leis for the guest as well as the wedding party to wear. Leis are garlands that are made with fresh flowers, shells, nuts, fresh leaves and some use silk flowers so it can be a take home keep sake. The bride can wear a head Lei instead of going with a veil and you can honor special guests at the wedding with head leis. This is usually done for the children, parents and grandparents of the bride and groom. Instead of going with ushers to greet your guests, you can have Hula girls greet each guest with Leis. This will make each guest feel special and really get them in the mood for a Hawaiian wedding.

When you decorate the area for the wedding, you will want to adorn the Alter, Isles and any arches you have with tropical flowers. You can use such flowers as fresh orchids. You can get then in strand like the fresh dendrobium orchids. You can get them as long as 6 feet each or longer if specially requested. Another nice touch would be to light the way to and all around the ceremony and the reception with Tiki torches. You can use them to hold flower arrangements during the day and then change them to torches for the evening when the reception takes place.

Keep the music a romantic Hawaiian theme to help set the mood. You can also have the flower girl drop orchid petals instead of rose petals and the ring bearer carry the ring in a shell instead of a pillow. You can have the wedding party dress in Hawaiian attires and encourage the guests to do so as well.

There are many things you can do to decorate for a true Hawaiian wedding. Your options are limitless so have fun with everything and make it a romantic event that will take peoples breath away.





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