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Hawaii - Dance Instruction for your Wedding
You have chosen beautiful Hawaii to get married. Everything is in top
shape, the place for the wedding, and the caterer is in place.
However, you are still afraid, to have people find out that you do not
know how to dance. You have done so many things in your life, but
never learned how to dance. You quietly mention the fact to your
mother and she lets out a little laugh. She is laughing at you when
such a big problem has come to your life. Everyone's eyes will be on
you and everyone will know you cannot dance. However, the next
sentence from your mother makes you feel at ease. She tells you not to
worry, as many people do not know how to dance.
Well, you feel a little better but your problem remains. Your mother
says she is going to call a dance instructor and everything would be
ok. What would we do without mothers? Amusingly, the question comes to
your mind, when you hear your mother call out to the wedding planner
to send over a dance instructor. That was fast, you think to yourself.
Anyway, the dance Instructor is going to show up that afternoon to
begin his instruction.
The afternoon brings the Dance Instructor who is a lanky man but very
flexible and wants to know if your mother is the bride. Obviously, he
tries to make her feel good. Laughingly she points to you and the
dance instructor looks around for a place to conduct the lessons.
Luckily, you are at a mansion and everyone moves some furniture to
give you two, room to move. The dance instructor gives you some basic
instructions and then you two start the actual lessons.
The lessons are easy to learn and you slowly get the hang of it. There
is nothing much to it, you think to yourself, but you are just
learning the basic steps and not a whole dance. You go on and slowly
the lesson is moving towards many hard moves at least that is what you
think they are. You get a little break from the dancing when the
bridegroom shows up, he also gives out a little laugh, and "people had
better stop laughing at me" is what comes to your mind but outwardly
you move nonchalantly away. The groom had no malice in his laugh and
you know that in the back of your mind.
Anyway, you go back to your lesson and in about 2 days, you learn
enough to last you through the wedding. You feel good again and the
world seems complete again. At the night of the wedding, your husband
and you go for your first dance together as husband and wife and you
sail through it beautifully, as if you knew it all along. Your husband
is happy and so are you. The dance instructor saved the day. You will
never feel out of place with the basic steps again.

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