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Counseling for you at your Wedding in Hawaii
You are in Hawaii, a relaxing place with no stress. That is the last
place you would think of, where you would require the services of a
counselor. However, you are getting married and it is good if a
clergyman would give you a little counseling before your wedding. The
stresses at a time like this can be extensive. In addition, you can
feel very lonely in a room full of people. What you do not realize is
that most people at one time or another in their life felt like you do
You are in such a good environment, that you feel strange to feel the
way you do. Hawaii does ease the intensity of your feeling. You want
to run away from it all. However, the bindings of commitment and
family honor prevent you from doing what your instinct is telling you
to do. Tomorrow is another day, and the priest counseling is almost
there. The day dawns and the morning is beautiful. The sun rises over
beautiful Hawaii and the birds are chirping.
After breakfast, the priest arrives for the counseling. The bride and
groom enter the room and the pleasant priest makes them feel at ease.
Everyone goes through trepidations when getting married for the first
time. They will be giving up their freedom to see anyone else. Are
they making the right decisions? Many questions are going through
their minds. They love each other though and love conquers all.
However, will it help them get over this hump?
The priest explains it all to them and then asks them to explain what
they are feeling. The questions, which are present in their mind, come
pouring out. The priest smiles as he has seen all this before. The
couple is calming down a little now and that makes the priest happy.
He talks some more to them in his quiet and reassuring voice. The
couple asks the priest some more questions and explains what their
fears are. The priest in his usual calm way explains what needs to
happen and how the things they are feeling have been felt by hundreds
of other couples he has seen before this
The couple smiles and gives each other a hug and that makes the priest
happy. He must be doing his work right. Finally, they come out of the
room, holding hands and beaming. They are after all going on their
life journey together and they are in a wonderful place like Hawaii to
start their adventure. The priest is getting ready to leave and the
bride goes over to hug him, thanking him for making things right and
taking the time to explain the facts to them.
The priest leaves and the couple join their families to enjoy the
beautiful surroundings they have there. Hawaii is a magical place and
it helped calm the fears that the young people had. They move on now
to enjoy the wedding. They will enjoy their life together form now.

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