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Catering a Wedding in Hawaii - Do's and Don'ts
A wedding is very important. Everything has to go right, especially
the catering. There are good caterers and bad and you should know the
difference, so you can judge for yourself what is right. Whether you
are catering for an intimate group of family or a large group of
family and friends, things have to work like clockwork.
The caterer needs to know you are serious in what you want. You do not
have to be rude, but firm in your beliefs. If you are sure of what you
want, the caterer will follow your instructions well. It is so much
easier to follow precise and clear directions than to follow an
unorganized train of thought. Secondly, know where to compromise on
price. Some things are important and some things are not. You would do
well to note the difference and compromise on the not so important
things. In Hawaii, you have to incorporate some Hawaiian dishes or
have a luau
Treat the caterer well and she or he will treat you well. Be firm but
kind. Listen carefully to what the caterer has to say and you can
determine for yourself whether she or he is right for your affair.
Once you have selected the right caterer, and then go on to the menu.
Decide how much you want to spend on a per person basis and keep a
little bit of wiggle room in it. If you do not leave any room to move
up a little, then you may end up losing a lot.
The caterer is a professional who sees many people every day. They
realize if you talk from a position of fear that they can do whatever
they want. You surely do not want this. Talk to the caterer with a
firm but loving voice and let them know that if everything goes well,
they will get a bonus. This ensures the caterers wish to make sure
things are right.
Select the items according to what your guests would like. It does not
matter that you like something they do not. It is one day, and you are
inviting them in. You can always get a special meal done to your
liking; they will be walking billboards all their life for you if they
are happy.
Taste the food the caterer is going to make for you. Remember you may
not know anyone in Hawaii but you have to make sure everything is to
your liking. After all, if you do not like the food now you always
have enough time to change caterers. Close to the wedding, you do not.
The caterer should be happy you want to taste what you have ordered.
At the wedding, just make sure that the caterer is following your
directions well. You can designate this job if you want to a trusted
friend. You just want to make sure that everything is alright. You
have to be sure it does not look like you are micro managing


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