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Wedding Cakes and Candies Hawaiian Style
Along with something borrowed and something blue, the other great
tradition of marriage is the wedding cake and the candies used. The
tradition has come down to us for generations. Without these, we could
not imagine a wedding.
They have started experimenting with cakes now to see if they can make
something different from the ones that are traditionally accepted.
Ordinary wedding cakes are outdated. Even though they are popular,
people are now going into the exotic. As the wedding styles have
changed so, have cakes. Now they are baking pineapple in the cakes to
give the cake a Hawaiian flavor.
They keep the outside of the cake white to go with the wedding theme
as we know it, but inside is an open canvas where one experiments and
tries. Actually, Pineapple goes very well in a cake. They also use
macadamia nuts in the cakes now. Chefs are now baking cakes with
chocolate and white chocolate these days. Chocolate provides a rush of
energy that we need. Chocolate and other things like that are
experimented upon because the times are changing Along with the cakes,
there are always candies at a wedding, and they come in many different
varieties nowadays.
Candies are becoming ever popular at weddings these days. In a party
setting and especially in a wedding people will eat sweets they
normally will not eat. Thus the advent of candies at weddings. Candies
provide a small fix of sugar and give you the energy you need to keep
up with everything that is going on. It can be hectic in a wedding and
we need a little pick-me-up. Candies provide that something when you
are not really hungry but want something anyway.
Candy buffets are becoming more popular as people found that there was
a lot of wastage and trash if they left the candies on the tables
individually. People could take as much candy as they wanted, without
wasting any. Candies are also coming in different shapes and sizes
these days. In Hawaii, they use macadamia nuts and other nuts to fill
their candies. There are pineapple candies too that are being tried
and it tastes very good with chocolate, though they are not for a
number of people
Chefs these days are combining the two and using candies to decorate
the cake with; Candies are a part of the filling of the wedding cake.
Candies give the cake crunchiness and some people like that. Candies
fulfill a need in us that started when we were babies. We crave it and
love the taste. Cakes are part of the wedding tradition and the
candies are following suit. The candies complement the cake and vice
versa. The combination of the two is also becoming popular.
Whenever people gather and they are in a celebratory mood, they like
sweets to go along. Life is a little better with cakes and candies and
so are the weddings. They will always remain a tradition at weddings.

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